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We’re dedicated to staying true to our green-fingered roots, which is why sustainability will continue to be at the heart of everything we do. As we are mindful of our impact on the environment, we are also committed to bringing prosperity to the communities of people who create our beautiful products.

As the world faces new challenges, such as climate change and water shortages, we will adapt how we create our accessories so we can continue to maximise the positive impact we have.


We care about the products we create, the people who make them and the impact they have on the environment. These three pillars – products, people and planet – are at the root of all our sustainability efforts.



Our recycled polyester is made primarily from plastic waste and since we introduced this material at the beginning of 2019, we’ve saved over 2 million plastic bottles going into landfill.

Partnership approach

We believe in working as partners with all our suppliers and we’re committed to growing and developing together. We’ve worked with many of them for over 20 years. By building these solid and mutual relationships we ensure our ethical working standards and environmental values are shared and upheld.


In order to protect our planet and the challenges it faces we need to continue adapting the way we work. We are committed to the following sustainability goals for the coming years:

For our products
Our goal is that by 2023 over 98% of our cellulosic fibres will be either recycled, organic or sustainably sourced, with over 95% of our total range being made with a sustainable element.
For our people
We aim to positively impact workers to feel safe, respected and fairly paid, and by 2023 we hope to increase this to supporting over 50,000 workers.
By 2025, we aim to have empowered over 10,000 women to move into management positions throughout our supply chain.
For our planet
By 2023, we aim to reduce the amount of water used to in product creation by 85%, and 70% of our water usage in our supply chain will be recycled or in closed loop systems. We also aim to ensure 90% of all our energy usage in our stores will be renewable.