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Piercing parlour - Accessorize London

Now Open!

It’s time to raise your ear game at our exclusive Piercing Parlours.

Our professionally qualified piercing staff offer free piercings with the purchase of selected earrings, from £15*.


What can I expect from a piercing at Accessorize?

We’ll start with a consultation with one of our trained piercing pros who will help you figure out the perfect placement based on your face shape, as well as your perfect pair from our selection of pre-sterilised hypo-allergenic jewellery.

Our trained staff will use pre-sterilised equipment to ensure you receive a safe, hygienic and quality piercing. Then they’ll show you how to care for your piercing with your complimentary aftercare solution.

How much does it cost?

All piercings are FREE with the purchase of selected piercing jewellery from £15*. There’s also complimentary aftercare solution provided with every piercing.

What are the age restrictions?

Lobe piercings are available for customers who are eight years old and over (14 years old for cartilage piercings). Customers who are under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and we reserve the right to check identification.

Who will do my piercing?

Our piercers are trained professionals, fully certified by our piercing partner. All equipment and earrings are pre-sterilised for a safe, hygienic piercing using quality, hypo-allergenic jewellery.

How do I book?

Due to COVID-19 bookings are recommended. Call your local store to set up a time.

How many piercings can I get at one time?

You can get one piercing on each ear at one time. After the first piercing, we recommend that you wait six weeks until your second piercing on the same ear. There are 3 levels and you move up once you’ve earned enough points.

Which jewellery can I be pierced with?

We have an exclusive range of pre-sterilised piercing jewellery that we use. Earrings start from £15* and are made from quality, hypo-allergenic materials such as 9ct gold, 24ct gold-plated and stainless steel.

How long does my piercing take to heal?

Lobe piercings take six weeks (12 weeks for cartilage piercings). After this time, get creative with different looks.