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Our planet

We’re looking after our planet and reducing our environmental footprint by minimising our environmental impact wherever possible. We’re doing this by embracing renewable energy to reduce carbon emissions, encouraging business-wide recycling initiatives and working with suppliers who share our values.


Lowering energy use and carbon emissions are both key areas for the business. That’s why we’re integrating more energy-efficient fittings across all our stores and constantly looking into new and innovative ways of saving more energy.

We have already reduced our road freight by over 90% and reduced our overall freight by more than a quarter (27%). But we’re going to continue to do more! We have set ourselves the challenging target to move to over 90% renewable energy in the UK by 2023. We are also looking at how we can work with our logistics providers to move to more 'green' transportation methods so we can reduce our impact even further.


We care about our customers which is why we always use every effort to ensure the products we sell are safe. We don’t accept products that include any restricted substances from our list that meets stringent EU and US requirements. All of our direct suppliers have this list and we ask them to distribute it to their suppliers, to ensure that not only are our products safe, but the workers who make our products are not exposed to dangerous chemicals. All of our products are tested by an independent professional testing company, to ensure that it's safe for our customers, it doesn't contain any harmful chemicals, and it meets customers' expectations for the quality of the product. Our team additionally verifies our suppliers' claims by sampling out of our warehouse and doing our own random checks.

We’re committed to best practices in recycling and minimising waste at our head office in London, which is why we have comprehensive recycling facilities. We’ve also dispensed with all unnecessary packaging from our products and wherever possible we use only FSC-certified paper and recyclable plastic. We are also working toward eliminating single use plastic in-store.