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We are committed to making more conscious choices with materials that have less of a negative impact on the environment. We’re doing this by reducing water and energy usage in our production processes and using more sustainable materials.

Recycled polyester

Our recycled polyester is made from recycled materials – primarily, plastic bottles from waste. We’ve recycled up to 2 million plastic bottles since we introduced this material at the beginning of 2019. This means there’s less plastic polluting our soil and oceans, and we’re saving water and energy in the production process.

This is how many plastic bottles each product created with recycled polyester contains, on average:

  • Scarves: 10
  • Bikinis: 15
  • Beach dress: 18
  • Swimsuit: 10
  • Hats: 4
  • Gloves: (per glove) 2


LENZING™ ECOVERO™ fibres are sustainable, derived from certified renewable wood sources and produced using less water and fewer emissions than standard viscose.


Known for its natural comfort, TENCEL™ fibres are produced from sustainably sourced wood and uses environmentally responsible and sustainable production processes.



Our range of vegan accessories are registered with The Vegan Society. All components of our registered products are created with materials free from animal product, by-product or derivative, this includes fabrics, threads, glues, dyes and treatments. It also means all manufacturing and materials are free from animal testing.

Our furry friends are important too! We operate a strict policy of zero-tolerance towards abuse and maltreatment of animals. We never use real fur or Mohair, in fact, the animal-derived materials we use are by-products of the food industry. We take special care to ensure any luxury yarns are sourced only from producers who uphold high standards in animal husbandry. No animal testing is permitted in the development or manufacture of our cosmetics or fragrances.
Read our animal policy statement.