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We want to do the right thing by the people who make our beautiful things

As a proud member of the Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI), we’re part of a powerful collective of companies, trade unions and civil society groups fighting for decent working conditions.

While we don’t run our own factories or directly employ the skilled workers who hand-craft and embellish our exceptional pieces we ask every single one of our suppliers to commit to the Accessorize Code of Conduct, which is based on ETI standards and aims to protect workers by setting out minimum requirements on working conditions, pay and employment rights and includes:

  • Fair living wages
  • No harsh or inhumane treatment
  • No forced labour
  • Be non-profit-making
  • No child labour
  • No discrimination


Transparency in our supply chain is crucial.

Before we begin working with a new supplier, we carry out due diligence including meeting the supplier, factory visits, examining SMETA audits and speaking with other companies using the supplier. All suppliers are required to sign our terms and conditions that includes our comprehensive ethical sourcing requirements. All elements of our Code are to be implemented at all factories and production sites throughout the supply chain.

This is just a starting point, trading ethically is all about building long-standing, sustainable relationships and we’ve worked with many of our suppliers for over 20 years. We think globally and our international business sources from 18 countries around the world, with most of our suppliers based in India and China. Both regions account for 85% of our sourced products.

No orders are placed with suppliers until risk assessment checks and independent audits of factories in our supply chain have been completed and approved. Each new supplier must also confirm their receipt and agreement to all contents of the Code of Conduct before orders may be placed.

The Ethical Trade Team are committed to identifying high-risk sites and regions and we monitor progress through regular visits to suppliers’ factories from our own audit teams and external experts. Audits remain a necessary due diligence tool and we also we employ a risk-based approach to further strengthen our global supply chain and work in partnership with our suppliers to support safe and healthy conditions.

“We’re committed to sourcing responsibly from supply chains, in a manner that supports fair conditions.”
- Peter Simon, Founder


We believe in supporting communities and having a positive impact on future generations. We’re proud to help generate incomes, sustain livelihoods and preserve age-old hand-craft techniques by working with craftspeople in faraway places.

We're committed to ensuring our skilled workers who create some of our most special pieces - often in small local workshops or their own homes - receive fair pay and safe working conditions.

We require all our suppliers to ensure these craftspeople receive fair ‘piece rates’ for their wonderful work and have introduced a Worker Reference Handbook to support the workers in India, this is closely monitored by our ethical compliance team. Homeworkers undergo additional monitoring and audits to support safe and healthy working conditions due to the specific vulnerability of their working spaces.

Lu Songnian & Li Shuoling
Lu Songnian, 30, and Li Shuoling, 31, are a married couple with two young children. They met in the same factory – Lu is a sewing worker while Li has recently been promoted to a process improvement technician. In their spare time, the couple enjoy going for walks, taking selfies and attending the theatre together.
Mumtaz specialises in hand-embellishment at one of our suppliers. He was keen to talk about his craft, which is commonly referred to as adda or aari work in northern India where many skilled craftspeople are keeping the traditional technique alive. The process involves tying fabric to a wooden frame and adorning its surface with beads and sequins using specific stitches, giving garments a rich, unique look.
Mohd Ehsaan
Mohd Ehsaan, 33, has been an embellishment worker at one of our jewellery suppliers for last five years. Originally from the small village of Sitarim Zila from eastern India, Mohd moved to New Delhi to find work and better support his family. He’s been married to wife Mehnaaz Khatoon for 12 years and the couple have two children together. He loves spending time with his children and telling them stories about his own childhood.